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Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Welcome to the 434th iteration of "Unsked for Advice" by me, Coach G. I also go by Mister C (perhaps a blog for later). For now, I'll keep it short and sweet: what should I blog about?

Still reading? Clearly, you're bored. Perhaps you're on a conference call and need a little something to pass the time while Susan from Accounting runs down the numbers. Hot.

Here are the first few options I've come up with:

1) Why AGs try to "race into shape"

2) Actor Athtletes

3) Theraputic, Not Therapy

4) Was Voila Spolin the Greatest Endurance Coach EVER?

5) Jazz Sucks like IRONMAN Sucks

6) Your Physique is a Coincidence

7) Real Locker Room Talk, Hashtag

One of those pique your interest? Something else you think I should write about? Put it in the Comments. And have patience. I'm learning as I go.

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