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Process... Outcome

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I have this habit of thinking, "If I can do this, anybody can."

As a character in the movie Central Intelligence, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson expresses this notion in a pretty funny way. Asked how he got into such great shape, he says, "I worked out six hours a day, every day, for the last twenty years straight... I mean, anybody can do it, right?" (1:24 on this YouTube video). (Go... but come right back.)

Given Mr. Johnson's impressive physical attributes, it's a pretty funny humble-brag, yes? I mean, on the one hand, he's not wrong. Anybody who has six hours a day could get those kinds of physical results. Oh. As long as they ALSO HAVE...

  • ...a genetic predisposition toward that sort of bulk.

  • ...a fundamental understanding of what physios and personal trainers call SAID--Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands.

  • ...the ability to avoid and manage injury.

  • ...insights into both controlled and Over-the-Counter supplements and performance enhancing substances.

  • ...a place that has most of the required tools and equipment.

Explaining jokes makes them better, right? Two key points:

  1. ONLY Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson is Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. You cannot follow his path, only yours. He says as much, as himself, in the imminently more sincere movie, Fighting with my Family, in this scene. (Again, go. Come back.)

  2. Process over Outcome. I'd wager an entry fee to an IRONMAN(tm) race that Mr. Johnson is process focused. Even a passing knowledge of his bio supports the notion that he started with an aggressive plan and pivoted as needed. I talk about process-over-outcome in great detail in my other blog post, "2021: Be A Volcano" (GO ahead. Click through. Returning is optional in this case.) In fact, Process, Not Product is a cornerstone of my coaching philosophy.


Our culture praises outcomes and barely pays passing lip service to the grinding, tedious, sometimes challenging, sometimes dull, always vital process. Central Intelligence humorously minimizes it down to a single line of dialogue. Side note: Fighting with my Family is the rare movie that does a much more in-depth examination of the process. Yet overall, Hollywood very much keeps the spotlight focused on outcome.

Rocky... The Matrix trilogy... the Marvel Cinematic Universe (i.e.: the MCU)…. they all reduce the training processes down to musical montages and inflate final boss fight outcomes.

Weeks of Rocky's training is presented in under three minutes (to drum and bugle music), yet his fight versus Creed is the entire third act. Neo absorbs hundreds of fighting styles in a few minutes (even skipping basic operations as "major boring sh!t") yet his fight versus Agent Smith is over 4x as long. Steve Rogers gets a shot and a steam bath and transforms into Captain America, oh but there are TWO full-length features about fighting Thanos. TWO!

You get my point.

Of course they're entertaining. They are written, cast, created, designed, tested, revised, rewritten, recast, redesigned, retested, released and rerelease for maximum entertainment value. Enjoy the movies!! Let them inspire you!! That's Hollywood's job.

Your job is to take on progressively more difficult challenges that lead YOU to your own heroic heights of maximum accomplishment.


Think about ol' Coach Greg. Certified and experienced... with four full IRONMAN(tm) races and over a dozen 70.3s done... passionate about helping you reach your goals.

Let me be your Mickey. Let me be your Morpheus. Let me be your, um... Pepper Pots? Agent Carter? No, wait...Phil Coulson. NO! I GOT IT!! Nick Fury.

Whatever. All of the above.

I'm no Tony Stark or Steve Rogers. I'm the guy who wants to see you succeed. After all... if I can do it, anybody can.


PS: I really really look forward to all the comments about the entire Rocky series, the Matrix trilogy (with another coming soon) and all the nerdery of the MCU that's been missing from my life. Bring it.

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